5CX Backhoe Loader

More height, greater reach, better visibility

The 5CX is the flagship model of the JCB backhoe loader range, which is quite simply the most efficient in the world. Our EcoRoad, EcoDig and EcoLoad packages contribute towards an average fuel saving of up to 16%, plus lower emissions and noise levels. Our Torquelock lock-up torque converter reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% when roading and our DieselMAX engines produce high power and torque at low revs for great economy.

5CX is largest line of backhoes we produce

The 4-wheel steer JCB 5CX Backhoe Loader is the largest line of backhoes we produce. A product of JCB’s efficient design philosophy, responding to today’s rising fuel prices and environmental concerns with class-leading efficiency and low running costs. In short, we’ve applied innovative technologies to squeeze the absolute maximum out of every drop of fuel on the JCB 5CX Backhoe Loader.

The result? In typical roading, loading, excavating and idle cycles, the 5CX tractor backhoe, equipped with our most powerful 74.2 kW Dieselmax backhoe loader engine, delivers an average fuel saving of up to 16%, plus lower emissions and noise levels. And, because it’s got high ground clearance and 4 equal-sized wheels – like a wheeled loader – it can tackle terrain unlike any other backhoe.

But the efficiency (and other) benefits certainly don’t end there on a JCB 5CX Backhoe Loader.

5CX Backhoe performance

We’ll start with yet more efficiency benefits of the JCB 5CX. Operating a JCB 5CX at lower engine revs reduces engine carbon emissions (by up to 15%) and engine wear. It also prolongs intervals between refuelling for better productivity. In short, the JCB 5CX has best-in-class backhoe output moving more material per hour than anything else.

JCB EcoRoad technology is also fitted to the 5CX tractor backhoe, and it’s designed to provide the highest efficiency and productivity levels possible when roading. Featuring JCB’s patented TorqueLock technology (the world’s first lock-up torque converter fitted to a backhoe loader), EcoRoad reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%, yet increases both speed and working area by up to 10%.

All this on top of the fact that our entire Dieselmax powertrain was specifically designed for optimum efficiency in tractor backhoes.

The JCB 5CX has certainly earned its “Eco” tag.

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5CX Backhoe Loader features

Exclusive in-seat servo controls allowing the operator to work throughout 90 degrees for infinitely variable working positions
Best-in-class backhoe output – more material moved per hour
6% more torque than outgoing models
World’s most efficient backhoe across typical duty cycles
3 steer modes including 4-wheel steer and crab steer
5CX DieselMAX engine

5CX Backhoe Loader downloads

5CX Brochure & Specification

Quick Spec

Max Engine Power
74.2kW / 100hp
Max Dig Depth
Bucket capacity


The JCB Backhoe Machine

The 3CX Backhoe tractor has been an outstanding success for our customers that place a high value on operational costs and decreased engine emissions. They have observed average fuel burn of under 6 l/hr from the on board telemetry system. Automated features include cruise control, backhoe rpm pre set, auto return to idle, auto boom lock and auto stabilisers for fuel efficiency.Contact us to find out about our latest backhoe for sale.
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