8330 Fastrac Tractor

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Just one look tells you the new JCB Fastrac tractor 8000 is different. Now discover the difference greater speed, comfort, productivity, safety and versatility, can make to your business.

A top speed of 70kph, the best powertrain and suspension combination, new Hydrostatic Dual Steering system and huge anti-lock braking capability equip the Fastrac tractor 8000 for a life of hard work. And with more implement mounting versatility than any other tractor in its class and the largest, most comfortable cab on the market, the Fastrac tractor 8000 isn’t just unique, it’s unrivalled.

For more information on the 8330 Fastrac tractor please contact your local dealer or call 1300 522 232.


Max Engine Power
260kW (348hp)
Max Travel Speed

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  • 8.4 litre AGCO Power 348hp (260kW) engine with 1440 Nm of torque
  • 70kph top speed
  • Industry unique full suspension
  • The most comfortable cab in the industry
  • 10,000 kg rear lift capacity
  • CVT transmission
  • Twin calliper ABS Disc brakes all-round

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